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emacs server per project?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: emacs server per project?
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 08:49:02 -0800
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I work on a number of different projects.

Each project has a devoted desktop, a cscope task and an emacs process.
Unfortunately, only one cscope gets to talk with one emacs process
because all of them want to be /tmp/emacs1000/server.  I know I can
manually change the value of "server-name", but that is pretty
inconvenient given that this yields a perfectly usable server name:
   server=$(dirname $(pwd | sed "s@^$HOME/*@@") )
more-or-less.  It is easy enough to add "-s $server" to the
emacsclient invocation, but telling emacs itself which server name
to use doesn't seem obvious to me.  Is there a way, or does one
have to learn emacs lisp and fiddle it in ~/.emacs?  Thank you!

Regards, Bruce

P.S. I also tried spawning emacs as a daemon process with --daemon=$server
but I wind up with either a process that steals input from the shell,
or, if I redirect stdin and stdout to /dev/null, it just sees EOF and quits.
That *does* seem a bit odd since if I do *not* specify --daemon, then
it creates its own terminal (or something like that) and does its stdin
and stdout there -- even if I spawn emacs as a true daemon process.
But then I must manually type a bunch of longish manual commands to change
the server name.

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