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Tricks for comfy Shift/Ctrl/Hyper...

From: Teika Kazura
Subject: Tricks for comfy Shift/Ctrl/Hyper...
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 20:47:15 +0900 (JST)

Hi, it's a keyboard trick. You can have for example "Space-Shift dual
role key". When you press the space key alone, it's a space; but when
you press it with another key, it's a shift. Any pairs of keys are
possible. This means your hands can stay almost always at their home

I think it helps Emacs users a lot. In my case, ctrl is overlaid to
space. Now I can't type comfortably without it.
(In fact, I also press alt and shift with my thumbs now, but Japanese
keyboards is the best to achieve it. Japanese keyboards have a short
space key, and there's many keys you can hold with thumbs. You can buy
one from e.g. or

My news is that this trick is now also available in Linux, enabled by
my hack which is a fork of Xorg driver "xf86-input-evdev". It's
already some one year old and stable enough. (For Win and Mac, there
have been keyboard utilities for such purpose, like AutoHotKey. Don't
ask me how help for them. A new thread for it may be, if you want one,

In Japan, it's been known (to some extent) as "SandS" - stands for
"Space and Shift", proposed by K. Kimura in 2001. See the README cited
below for more on the history.

* README of my hack tells the detail:
* Homepage:

For installation, visit distro forum threads:
* Gentoo:
* Arch:
* Ubuntu:
* Debian:

It can be built exactly the same way as the Xorg's original
xf86-input-evdev package, so it must be easy, even if your distro
is not (yet) supported.

Happy typing,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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