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Re: Save and load window states

From: Michael Bach
Subject: Re: Save and load window states
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 21:13:24 +0100
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martin rudalics <> writes:

>> Saving works this way.  The file has the same contents shown in the
>> *Messages* buffer when doing a manual `window-state-get'.  On loading, I
>> get either "Invalid read syntax #"
> This is a bug.  Please report it as Drew suggested.

Will do.

>> or "End of file during parsing".
> This is probably due to the fact that you called `my-load-frame' twice
> in a row and you were already at the end of the buffer in the second
> call so there was nothing more to read.

Yep, that was the reason.  I adapted `my-load-frame' accordingly.

>> Can someone give me a hint on how to make it work?
> Please comment out the two code lines
>                 (unless (window-parameter window 'clone-of)
>                   ;; Make a clone-of parameter.
>                   (setq list (cons (cons 'clone-of window) list)))
> in the function `window--state-get-1' and recompile window.el (possibly
> twice - I'm somewhat confused by Stefan's backquote syntax here).  These
> lines are currently for internal use only, their absence should not harm
> you.  If you still see problems, please tell me.

Unfortunately, that did not work.  Tried it compiled once and twice.
Same as before.

Thanks so far


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