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RE: Starting buffer configuration

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Starting buffer configuration
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 13:32:55 -0800

> I'm using emacs for several projects. I find the bookmark
> feature very useful. How can I set emacs launch in my
> bookmark page (or any other page for that matter)?

Put this at the end of your init file (~/.emacs):

(require 'bookmark)
(call-interactively 'bookmark-bmenu-list)

Or if you use Bookmark+, change the first line to (require 'bookmark+).  (The
Bookmark+ files need to be in your `load-path', for that.  Bookmark+ is here:

The reason you need to use `call-interactively' and not just
`(bookmark-bmenu-list)' is that `bookmark-bmenu-list' does not show the buffer
unless it is called interactively.  It includes this code:

(if (called-interactively-p 'interactive)
     (switch-to-buffer buf) ; Show it
  (set-buffer buf))) ; Just create it, without showing it.

(`bookmark-bmenu-list' is the command you use when you hit `C-x r l' to show the
bookmark list.)

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