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Sunrise Commander question

From: Guido Van Hoecke
Subject: Sunrise Commander question
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 21:45:04 +0100

José Alfredo,

I am a noob wrt Sunrise Commander, but can only praise you for this
fantastic tool. Imho, this is truly what dired should be, and I have a
strong feeling that this should be part of the standard emacs

(Oops, where are my manners? I should of course start with my most
sincere wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2012!)

Can I bother you with a usability question? As advised on the site [1],
I use OpenWith, including the defadvice [2] for the recentf registration
of files viewed with an external app.

This works as expected as far as viewing the files with the external
app. But unfortunately, the window configuration is lost. I start with a
left and right pane and a bottom eshell pane.

Both the left and the right pane disappear and only one single window
remains. I have to M-x sunrise to restore the sr panes. Is there same
setting to avoid this unnecessary window juggling?

If the bottom pane is the eshell buffer, the eshell buffer remains
visible in the sole window, and M-x sunrise restores the intial

But if the bottom pane is e.g. used for editing a file when external
viewing from a sr-pane, the sole remainig window shows the eshell
buffer, the scratch buffer or whatever, but no longer the file being
edited. I have yet to discover the logic in this phenomenon, but again,
I'd like to avoid this window / buffer juggling.

Any suggestions or ideas?



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be fewer divorces -- and more bankruptcies.
                -- Frances Rodman ... and go2 places!

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