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RE: M-x mystery

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: M-x mystery
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 15:25:40 -0800

> The problem is the variable meta-prefix-char, which is supposed to
> alter that relationship.
> If I load a file containing only the command (setq 
> meta-prefix-char [f5]) and check the value of the variable,
> the answer is [f5].  
> ******** Yet, after that, ALT-x is still interpreted as ESC 
> x. ********  
> You might say that [f5] is not a valid prefix key. But [f2] is (it's
> bound to 2C-mode-map in two-column.el). After I set meta-prefix-char
> to [f2], typing ALT-x is still interpreted as ESC x, not [f2] x.

I'm really no expert on these things.  No doubt someone will clarify better.
But [f2] is not a _character_.  (It is a vector.)  A character is a non-negative
integer (in a certain range) - see the Elisp manual, node `Character Codes'.

`meta-prefix-char' is a user option. Try using Customize to change its value.
Customize does type-checking, and it will not even allow you to set the variable
to [f2].  It raises this error: 

"This field should contain a single character"

(It should say "must", not "should".)

> In fact, I can't even duplicate the example near the bottom of the
> "Functions for Key Lookup" page (link above). Namely, setting
> meta-prefix-char to 24 **should** make M-x behave like C-x, according
> to that page. But that does not happen; 

I think it does.  Try `C-h k M-s' or `C-h k C-M-s'.  They correspond to `C-x s'
and `C-x C-x', respectively.

> even with meta-prefix-char=24,
> ALT-x is interpreted as ESC x.

I think you're doing things backwards.  Setting `meta-prefix-char' to the `C-x'
character (24) makes what used to be treated as `C-x SOMETHING' be treated as
`M-SOMETHING'.  If `C-x x' were defined as a command, then `M-x' would then
invoke that command (and not `execute-extended-command').  Since `C-x x' is
undefined by default, after setting `meta-prefix-char' to 24, `C-h k M-x' says
it is undefined.

In any case, doing that in no way affects the treatment of Meta as ESC, AFAIK.

> What have I misunderstood?

1. The value of `meta-prefix-char' needs to be a character.

2. I think the treatment of Meta as ESC happens at a different level.  Node
`Format of Keymaps' says this:

"Keymaps do not directly record bindings for the meta characters.
Instead, meta characters are regarded for purposes of key lookup as
sequences of two characters, the first of which is <ESC> (or whatever
is currently the value of `meta-prefix-char').  Thus, the key `M-a' is
internally represented as `<ESC> a', and its global binding is found at
the slot for `a' in `esc-map' (*note Prefix Keys::).

This conversion applies only to characters, not to function keys or
other input events; thus, `M-<end>' has nothing to do with `<ESC>

It seems that a Meta character is treated as a sequence of two chars, the first
of which is the value of `meta-prefix-char'.  AFAIK, that's just the way it is.
Someone will correct me if I misunderstand.

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