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Re: display-time-* variables

From: Silvio Levy
Subject: Re: display-time-* variables
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 23:27:02 -0800

Thanks, Eli.  Indeed I had the wrong name for the 24h variable.

Do you have any light to shed on display-time-load-average? 

Whether the file "foo" contains this text

(setq display-time-load-average t)

or the same text with "nil" instead of "t", the result of  

/usr/bin/emacs -Q -l foo

is the same: the load average is shown, and also, querying the value
of the variable with C-h v gives this: (with 0 either way)

   display-time-load-average is a variable defined in `time.el'.
   Its value is 0
   Load average currently being shown in mode line. 

(I suppose I could instead set display-time-load-average-threshold to
a high value, which does work. Or I could try
display-time-string-forms. But somehow I'd like to understand how
display-time-load-average is mean to be used...)


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