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Strange eshell find-file issue for new files

From: Guido Van Hoecke
Subject: Strange eshell find-file issue for new files
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 14:44:48 +0100


I have an eshell alias f:
        alias f find-file $1

I happily use that from eshell to start editng existing files.

But when I hit 'f new-file.txt' to start editng a not yet existing file,
eshell merely says 'Opening input file' and that's it.

This is not due to the alias, as typing 'find-file new-file.txt'
exhibits the same behaviour.

I'd really like to understand what's happening, and more importantly,
find out how this can be fixed.



In the long run, every program becomes rococo, and then rubble.
                -- Alan Perlis ... and go2 places!

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