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Re: Mouse support does not work

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Mouse support does not work
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 22:29:00 +0100

Am 10.1.2012 um 10:18 schrieb Aaron Meurer:

> I can't get mouse support to work in emacs.  I've tried various
> things, but neither scrolling nor any kind of clicking or selection
> does anything.  I'm using iTerm2 in Mac OS X. I believe it should be
> supported, as mouse support works perfectly in vim.  I've tried M-x
> mouse-wheel-mode, M-x mouse-sel-mode, and I've tried putting all kinds
> of things in .emacs as suggested by various sites, but nothing has
> worked.

For me not even scrolling in vim/vi works... (could you describe how you 
achieve this?)

The function mouse-wheel-mode is a toggle. If it's off, then you can type C-h k 
and then operate the mouse wheel or scroll via the trackpad. In the echo-area 
("mini-buffer") you can see that GNU Emacs reports having received multiple 
<mouse-4> or <mouse-5> events. The function mouse-sel-mode is also a toggle – 
which I think is not very useful (I have it set off).

In GNU Emacs you have to load the xt-mouse "package":

        (require 'xt-mouse)

and then switch that mode on:


It will allow you to select windows (buffers) with the mouse cursor by clicking 
into one and clicking into the menu bar will show you in a buffer the contents 
of the selected menu and enable you to make a choice. Clicking onto a file name 
in dired-mode will open that file for editing in a new window (buffer). GNU 
Emacs will also receive mouse scroll events. In my rather dumb setup the 
<mouse-4> and <mouse-5> events are mot bound to any function so that I cannot 
scroll... (and also in a default setup they're not bound to anything)

This works in xterm – but not in Apple's Terminal. Hopefully if works in iTerm2!



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