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RE: Mouse support does not work

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Mouse support does not work
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 06:37:36 -0800

> Actually, I'm starting to feel like I should replace I-search
> with something else entirely... It does several things I don't like:
> - You can't edit the search buffer with editing commands.  This is the
> most annoying.  If I press M-del to delete a search word, it instead
> deletes the word under the cursor.  If I want to delete the word, I
> have to repeatedly press delete.  It's even worse than that, because
> pressing delete by default does a reverse i-search! So I have to
> delete until I get back to the first occurrence, and then until I
> delete the word.  Or just C-g and restart.

`M-e' in Isearch.  Lets you edit the search string anyway you like.  You have
all of Emacs at your disposal to edit it.

> - As I noted, it kills the search when you scroll.

See previous reply: set `isearch-allow-scroll' to non-nil.

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