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RE: Mouse support does not work

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Mouse support does not work
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 16:58:47 -0800

> Aaron is working with GNU Emacs in non-windows "mode" inside 
> an xterm (variant). The latter is an X client, it exists in a 
> windowing system and it receives key or mouse events. But the 
> things running inside the xterm (iTerm2) terminal emulation 
> can only receive text input, for example ANSI Esc sequences 
> (or codes). It looks as if these codes are produced by the 
> given "mouse events":
>       ESC [ M a F Z   = <mouse-4> = scroll-up
>       ESC [ M ` u X   = <mouse-5> = scroll-down
>       ESC [ M e / Q   = S-<mouse-4> = <mouse-8>
>       ESC [ M d 5 S   = S-<mouse-5> = <mouse-9>
>       ESC [ M q - S   = C-<mouse-4> = <mouse-20>
>       ESC [ M p 2 T   = C-<mouse-5> = <mouse-21>

Thanks for that info.  I figured at first it was maybe `emacs -nw', but that
doesn't have the same behavior.

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