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RE: Too much pita to paste into incremental regex search

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Too much pita to paste into incremental regex search
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 10:06:18 -0800

> > > > > It doesn't disappear for me, not in Emacs 24 anyway.  I 
> > > > > can click the mouse in the minibuffer, then type C-y to
> > > > > paste something I copied elsewhere.
> > > > 
> > > > Not if you click in a minibuffer on a different frame 
> > > > (which includes the case of a standalone minibuffer).
> > > > A `switch-frame' event causes Isearch to be cancelled.
> > > > See Emacs bug #10037.
> > > 
> > > The OP didn't say anything that would imply he was using such
> > > esoterica.
> > 
> > Wow.  Using more than one frame is "esoteric"?
> No.  But using minibuffer frames is.

Next you'll be claiming that minibuffer frames are unsupported... or obsolete...
or abnormal... or deviant...  Thanks for the attempted marginalization, but no

In any case, what part of "minibuffer on a different frame" and "which includes"
implies that this is limited to standalone minibuffer frames?  I was pretty
clear that it is not.

The problem is that when you move the mouse from any frame to any other frame an
automatic `switch-frame' event cancels Isearch.  That means that using the mouse
to paste into the search field is currently limited to mouse movements within
the same frame.  It is only mouse selection/pasting that has this problem.

But I'm glad to hear that you at least do not consider inter-frame mouse
movements, in general, to be esoteric.  Maybe some day your tolerance will
extend to minibuffer-only frames as well, but that's not necessary here.  Fixing
the bug for the general case will anyway take care of any such "esoteric" case
at the same time.

> > Is it also esoteric if you use `M-w' to copy text from a buffer
> > in one frame and then use `M-y' (Emacs 24: `C-y') to yank it
> > into Isearch in another frame?
> This works for me.

Of course it does; that's the point (and why I suggested that to the OP as an
alternative).  It is only the mouse behavior that does not work - for you or
anyone else.

And it makes no difference whether the frame change involves a standalone
minibuffer frame.  Using a mouse across frames is not in any way "esoteric" - it
just doesn't work at the moment for Isearch.

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