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Re: Alerts for saves to non-existent files

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: Alerts for saves to non-existent files
Date: 4 Sep 2012 13:59:48 GMT
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kj wrote:
> In <> Joost 
> Kremers <> writes:
>>kj wrote:
>>> Is there a way to tell Emacs that, from now on, it should save all
>>> changes to this buffer to the new path (and preferably without
>>> asking for any additional confirmation)?
>>you can use C-x C-w to save a buffer to another file. that doesn't delete
>>the original file, but using C-x C-w and then deleting the original file
>>should cause less vexation than your current scenario. ;-)
> No, that doesn't address the problem I tried (but clearly failed)
> to describe.  I want to prevent cases in which I *inadvertently*
> do C-x C-s, forgetting/not realizing that the current value of
> buffer-file-name is a non-existent path.

Sorry, you did describe it well, I didn't explain very well what I
meant. What I suggested was to change your habit of renaming files from
within the shell to renaming them with C-x C-w in Emacs.

But the before-save-hook that Raffaele mentioned is definitely better... 

Joost Kremers                            
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