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TeX output mode

From: Flávio Moura
Subject: TeX output mode
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 22:08:52 -0300


I would like to use emacs as an interface for a program that receives 
expressions and return expressions that use TeX tokens like \lambda \to etc. In 
this way, I would like to open a file containing tokens like \lambda into an 
emacs buffer that should shows the lambda symbol instead of the expression 
\lambda. I know that this can be done from the keyboard by setting the TeX 
input-mode, but I need the same effect when loading a file containing TeX 

I sucessfully used emacs 22 and x-symbol package as an interface for this 
program. The problem is that x-symbol no longer works with emacs 23.

Any help is very welcome.

Best regards,

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