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RE: disable mouse input

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: disable mouse input
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 11:41:50 -0700

> I currently try to learn to work with emacs.
> But I am really used to work with the mouse (mainly to scroll 
> through text-documents and position the cursor).

You can certainly use the Emacs mouse to scroll and to position the cursor. ;-)

> In emacs this feels a little bit out of place
> (especially because I am working on Mac OS and my emacs 
> version has no inertia scrolling).

Someone else can perhaps speak specifically to inertia scrolling - I'm not
familiar with it.

But you have not otherwise described what makes you feel out of place using the
Emacs mouse.

Have you read the Emacs manual about the Emacs mouse?  That might help.

> But since I am so used to using the mouse (actually the 
> trackpad) it just happens automatically.

What happens automatically?

> Is there any way to disable mouse / trackpad input in emacs?

Just don't use it?  If you don't use it then there is no input from it.

> And, for the emacs professionals here on the list; do you 
> really not use the mouse at all?

There is no such thing as an Emacs professional, IMHO (including anyone who
makes money teaching or writing about Emacs).

Some longtime (and some shorttime) Emacs users do not use a mouse.  Some do.

I am a longtime user, and I do use a mouse.  I don't use it all the time and for
everything, but I certainly do use it.  Nothing beats a pointer device for,
well, pointing (i.e., direct-access), IMO. ;-)

That should be a no-brainer, but for some reason it seems controversial among
Emacs users.  Some will find ways to prefer navigating using keys even to an
arbitrary position that they can see and point to with their finger but for
which there is no particularly handy key sequence available.

(Some people no doubt prefer magnetic tape access over disk access...)

This is a sensitive topic in Emacsland, and you will find some users who are
*strongly* anti-rodent.  They are nuts, of course.  ;-)

> How do you navigate through a document quickly (to get an overview)?
> Or how do you jump to a specific position without the mouse?

There are lots of handy ways to use the keyboard (i.e., non-mouse key sequences)
to navigate in Emacs.  The manual is your friend.  And yes, various tours and
tutorials can also help.

My suggestion would be to start by trying to use the mouse more or less as you
have been using it outside Emacs, and gradually learn more about keyboard key
bindings (aka "shortcuts").

But read the manual about the Emacs mouse now, so you know what to expect,
including any differences in behavior wrt what you are used to .

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