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Re: Emacs and Java

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Emacs and Java
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 11:15:52 +0300

> Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 08:27:31 +0100
> From: Francesco Mazzoli <>
> At Sat, 15 Sep 2012 08:53:47 +0800,
> Leo wrote:
> > Writing java in emacs is only better than writing it in notepad.  Probably 
> > why
> > some veteran emacs hackers leave emacs for IDEs if they have to hack java 
> > day
> > in and day out! You can customise the hell out of emacs and it will never 
> > even
> > come close to any good java IDE. Emacs simply doesn't understand java or
> > understand it in a retarded way (i.e.  it can do some code completion with a
> > speed nobody can tolerate).
> There is no reason whatsoever why this has to be the case, emacs has excellent
> support (either out of the box or via third party packages) for most 
> languages.
> The problem is that most people just give up and use big IDEs, which I truly
> loathe - I'd rather code in the current emacs setup than in an IDE.

Way to go!

Please submit any changes you feel are necessary to, or, better yet, file a bug with the patches using
"M-x report-emacs-bug RET".

People who want to improve Emacs support for IDE-like development
environment with modern features are encouraged to make improvements
and submit them, and generally work on improving them, rather than
whine about Emacs being "slightly better than Notepad".  That kind of
attitude will never get you any closer to your goal.

You can sit on the fence laughing at Emacs and waiting for others to
do the job, or you can jump in, bite the bullet, and do something to
advance Emacs into the future.  Your call.

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