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Nested Regexp's

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: Nested Regexp's
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 18:40:49 +0200
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Hi List,

I'm somehow stuck with a regexp I need for fontification purposes. 

This is the syntax: 

| -{bar}  ; list item
| !{foo}  ; bold

These are examples of nesting bold text into list items:

| -{foo bar foo bar}            ; fontified as list item
| -{!{bold} foo bar}            ; bold fontified, list item text not
| -{foo bar                     ; fontified as list item
|    foo bar}
| -{foo bar !{hello             ; 'hello bold' fontified, list item text not
|    bold} foo bar}

These are the regexps:

| (defconst my-regex-list-item
|   "\\(-{\\)\\([         
| ]*[^}]+\\)\\(}\\)"
|   "Regular expression for matching a list item.")
| (defconst my-regex-bold
|   "\\(!{\\)\\([         
| ]*[^}]+\\)\\(}\\)"
|   "Regular expression for matching bold text.")

Now I would need to construct a 'my-regex-list-item' that allows for one
or several nested 'bold' terms, with each the list item and the bold term
possibly including line-breaks. The result should actually show the
whole list item in the assigned color, and the bold terms in the same
color, but bold. 

I would appreciate any hint about how to construct the list-item regexp
in a way that it can contain nested bold terms. 

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