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Re: emacsclientw on w64

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: emacsclientw on w64
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 13:36:56 -0500
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Zaretskii <> scripsit:

>> From: "B. T. Raven" <>
>> Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 17:21:38 -0500
>> I used to diddle with registry to get emacsclientw to work on w2000 but
>> am afraid to do that on w64. I found this .bat file on web along with
>> instructions to convert it to runemacsclientw.exe
>> @echo off
>> :: Emacs binaries...
>> set binpath=c:\Program Files\emacs\bin ;; my binpath is directly in c:\
>> :: emacs\bin If no arg is given set filename to c:\ ;; why directory ::
>> instead of file?
>> if "%~1"=="" (
>>   set filename=c:\
>> ) else (
>>   set filename=%~1
>> )
>> :: Run Emacsclient
>> "%binpath%\emacsclientw.exe" --no-wait
>> --alternate-editor="%binpath%\runemacs.exe" "%filename%"
> Why do you need all this tinkering?  Just use the "normal" Windows way
> of associating files with a program.  That is:
>   . right-click on a file in Explorer and select "Open"
>   . click "Select the program from a list"
>   . if emacsclientw.exe is in the list, select it
>   . if emacsclientw.exe is not already in the list, click Browse and
>     navigate to emacsclientw.exe
>   . check the "Always use the selected program" checkbox
>   . click OK
> Repeat the above for every file type you want to open with Emacs.
> That's it.

Thanks, Eli but I think that there might be more to it than that at
least on my system. After doing that I see:

No socket or alternate editor. Please use:

(either user or system environment variables)

I think I want ALTERNATE_EDITOR=c:\emacs\bin\runemacs --debug-init
but I'm not sure. Can runemacs.exe take switches like emacs.exe?  What
EMACS_SERVER_FILE should be set to I don't know.

Is my problem that I didn't install Emacs (still on ver. 23.3) in
Windows Programs? Could there be PATH problems related to that? I do
have (server-start) at the end of my .emacs

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