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IDE versus emacs

From: Wally Lepore
Subject: IDE versus emacs
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 12:48:49 -0400

Hi Members,

This question pertains to emacs and other GNU tools as well as other
tools (i.e GTK+) that compliment and work well with GNU products. I am
a long time computer user and I am learning "C" programming. I have
done extensive research on what IDE to utilize for my learning but I
also believe in  the philosophy behind GNU and would like to be more
involved and prefer to learn their tools.

I would like a recommendation please as to what "separate" GNU tools
to install (also perhaps including GTK+ and Glade) that integrate well
with each other and would allow me the same type tools that are
typically supplied with a complete IDE such as Code::Blocks, Code Lite
etc. for a win32 platform.

In other words, what separate tools do I need to install that will
allow me to build both console and window applications (on a win32
platform) using "C" and eventually "C++" that offer the same or
similar options as those found in your typical IDE's such as
Code::Blocks, Code Lite, lcc-32 and Pelles C?

This is a difficult question for a newbie to locate as I find myself
getting buried in complicated installation procedures for tools I may
not need. Getting over an installation hurdle is certainly a learning
experience but some install instructions can be quite intimidating and
would kindly like to know if I am on the right path.

On the flip side, installing "Code::Blocks", "lcc-win32", "Code Lite"
and "Pelles C" are all pretty much a one click install. However, the
GNU mailing lists are a tremendous support arm and support is critical
to a newbie.

So far I have learned that the following combination of tools for
windows win32 platform x32 (i.e.win2k, winXP and win7) could be a
start but perhaps some are not needed.

Text Editor: emacs
GUI Builder: GTK+2 or Glade
Compiler: MinGW
Debugger: ?
Linker: ?
Standard "C" Library: ?

I also located the links below for GNU tools for windows (not sure if
I need any of these).

I am loading my first Linux distro soon and prefer to be involved with
a family of tools that are available for both Linux and Windows. I
also use "Windows" daily (win2k, winXP and win7).

My question above pertains to learning "C" programming and installing
GNU tools as well as GTK+ on a 32 bit win32 platform. Any suggestions
or links would
be much appreciated.

Thank you very much
Wally Lepore New Jersey

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