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ido-switch-buffer (sometimes) doesn't work

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: ido-switch-buffer (sometimes) doesn't work
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 16:58:44 +0200
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Hi List, 

I use one emacs-server and many emacs-clients, usually with two sessions
runnung (console and X11, using tmux and stumpwm as window managers). In
my X11 session (with stumpwm) I often have the problem that one of the
most frecuently used commands doesn't really work:

| C-x b runs the command ido-switch-buffer, which is an interactive
| compiled Lisp function in `ido.el'.
| It is bound to C-x b, <menu-bar> <buffer> <select-named-buffer>.
| (ido-switch-buffer)

Often I use C-x b, select the buffer I want with ido-mode, press
<enter> -  and nothing happens. Almost nothing - in IBuffer, the selected
buffer has moved to the top, but it is not opened. This happens
sometimes (often enough to be annoying), sometimes not. 

I'm not sure, but it seems that if the buffer I want to switch to in
e.g. stumpwm-group 3 is already open in e.g. stumpwm-group 2, it is not
opened again. First I thought the problem is related to where the file
was opened - in the console or the X11 session, and in which
stumpwm-group of the X11 session. But after having dealt with this
problem for quite a while now, it seems more that a buffer already
visible in another emacs-client instance in another stumpwm-group is not
opened again when requested with ido-switch-buffer.

Is that a known behaviour, or am I the only one having this problem?


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