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RE: IDE versus emacs

From: Doug Lewan
Subject: RE: IDE versus emacs
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 12:48:17 +0000

I recently discovered that CYGWIN delivers "Exuberant Ctags" (Yes, etags too.) 
and it is used instead of emacs' etags. (GPL, available at

Exuberant Ctags can be extended to look for other things via regular 
expression. It is a wonderful thing!

I can now look for tags in my shell code to by running: 
    etags --langdef=shell --regex-shell='/function 
[_[:alnum:]]+/[_[:alnum:]]+/' --language-force=shell
(Unfortunate side-effect: That can also pick up comments, so I also have to fix 
    sed -n -e '/#/d' -ep < TAGS > TTT && mv TTT TAGS
Oh, well.)
Shell programming is suddenly almost pleasant!


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> Sent: Saturday, 2012 October 06 03:57
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> Subject: Re: IDE versus emacs
> Is the TAGS format extensible so a new fields could be added?
> It would useful if the identifiers were tagged (pun intended) with the
> the "type": class, method, static function, constant etc.
> For example find-tag could then support a customized
> find-first/find-next order (eg. class first).
> You could also use it to make the function guess-class-name-at-point. I
> have previously needed this for my tempo expansions for C++ member
> functions.
> --
> Vagn Johansen

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