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`f5' for refreshing/reverting without confirmation [was: flet is obsolet

From: Drew Adams
Subject: `f5' for refreshing/reverting without confirmation [was: flet is obsolete, but...]
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 08:18:16 -0700

> > (I bind [revert-buffer-no-confirm] to `f5', in keeping with 
> > the MS Windows use of that key.)
> That's the best idea I've seen in a /long/ time.
> Why didn't /I/ think of that?!  

You're welcome.  Sometimes a trivial change can make a difference.

I must say that "wasting" an easy, repeatable key such as `f5' on this (as
opposed to binding it to a command that could take advantage of holding down the
key to repeat) goes against my general guidelines.

But in this case I made an exception because I already have the habit of using
it in Windows apps, so it is handy (for me).

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