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string to list or string to array

From: Swami Tota Ram Shankar
Subject: string to list or string to array
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 03:37:08 -0700 (PDT)
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Friends, I am trying to read text from a file opened in emacs and
recognize it as array or list so that I can do some vector additions
using mapcar.

I am mainly stuck at the stage of converting the string text to array
or list.

The method which I use to locate the text is "looking-at" function and
the regexp works.

(when (looking-at "[[0-9.+-\\ ]+]")

some code that is to play around for debugging and messaging and
checking the match
(forward-char (+ (string-width (match-string 0)) 1))
(setq V (match-string 0))
(setq V (intern (match-string 0)))

The cursor is placed on the start bracket, ie "["

and text looks like for example array of indefinite length

[17.16 -17.16 17.16 17.16 17.16 17.16 17.16 17.16]

Please suggest some different solutions that can take the string
matched, match-string for example and convert to a list or an array on
which I can do mapcars or lambdas.


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