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Color theme buffer Emacs 24

From: Johnny
Subject: Color theme buffer Emacs 24
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 00:59:19 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.130006 (Ma Gnus v0.6) Emacs/24.1 (gnu/linux)

Dear List,

I just installed imaxima and my (otherwise oh so great) color theme
looks horrible with all these maths! So I wanted to customise only
imaxima buffers to use a dedicated color theme, and others to use my
preferred theme.

So I learned about color-theme-buffer-local [1] and fiddled with this
for a while, when suddenly it dawned on me that Emacs 24 uses deftheme
[2] for customisation. By using the simple theme editing interface, it
was easy enough to switch to this with deftheme, great! However, this
changes /all/ buffers! Blasphemy! With color-theme-buffer-local however,
I can not see the pretty theme I just generated, and saw an appeal to
developers of old themes to convert to the new method, so doubted the
sanity in going down this route if there are better options. It appears
these packages are quite unaware of each other, however I got some
facsinating color combinations dancing around the screen by switching
themes randomly with either method...

The idea is short and simple (well, at least short):
1) Enable a custom color theme per buffer [3]
2) Add a custom theme to the list of available themes [4]

Preferrably in a "modern and flexible" [TM] way, but that's not too
important after all. Any ideas on good reads to achieve this or, even
better, examples? 

Yours truly,




[3]  With 'color-theme-buffer-local' this can be set in init.el using
     |   (add-hook 'inferior-maxima-mode-hook
     |      (lambda nil (color-theme-buffer-local 'color-theme-robin-hood 
     |   )

[4]  The theme I like to use is very simple and consists of
     | (setq initial-frame-alist
     |       '(
     |          (foreground-color . "green")
     |          (background-color . "black")
     |          (cursor-color . "red")
     |          (mouse-color . "green")
     |          )
     |       )


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