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RE: save-excursion not working - despite NO-ERROR in search-forward-rege

From: Doug Lewan
Subject: RE: save-excursion not working - despite NO-ERROR in search-forward-regexp
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 12:53:05 +0000


I think the problem is your use of (end-of-buffer) which is a function of 
motion, not location. It's *info* documentation also has this note: `*Warning:* 
Don't use this function in Lisp programs!'.

Try using (point-max) instead.

I hope this helps.


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> Sent: Tuesday, 2012 October 23 23:49
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> Subject: save-excursion not working - despite NO-ERROR in search-
> forward-regexp
> Hello Everyone,
> I am trying to search some regular expressions in a file and then to
> do some manipulations represented for now by a message only. I want to
> go till the eob and then dont want to hit error, so I have a t for NO-
> ERROR. However, I also want the cursor ie point to return where I
> started from, ie did C-x C-e, but I see that the cursor gets stuck
> somewhere else, a little above the eob, even though its wrapped in
> save-excursion. This is driving me crazy so please help me.
> (save-excursion
>   (while
>       (search-forward-regexp (regexp-quote "does nott existt inn this
> file") (end-of-buffer) t)
>   (message "first")
> ))
> If you have a better suggestion, I shall be glad to have it, but I
> also want someone to show a fix to the one I have posted.
> gnuist

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