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Using lisp code in emacs inside a C program

From: gnuist007
Subject: Using lisp code in emacs inside a C program
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 20:13:50 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Lispers,

I wrote a humble file parsing/structure-searching program in emacs
lisp. Essentially a collection of elisp functions called by a main
function. I may need the function to grow and to maintain it. I think
its easiest in the elisp in which I started the project.

I want to convert it to an executable or a form that runs without the
need for emacs. Hence, I want to be able to take whatever lisp
interpreter code from emacs and link to it or incorporate inside my C

The main functions from the emacs that my program uses are essentially
navigation and
regexp and non-greedy wildcards, ie "*?" and multiline searches.

I dont know if any of the standard regexp library in C or C++ supports
such extended regexp. Even sed does not support it and I avoid perl.
The only other option would be javascript but I want to stay loyal to
lisp if you are able to give me enough ideas on this matter. I would
be even willing to put together a small lisp interpreter in C with
your help and then bootstrap it using Lisp etc and then dump the
binary image after it has computed rest of the higher lisp definitions
in primitive lisp and link it to my code in elisp.

There is really no gui facility that it uses. I am sure many of you
have done this kind of thing as I keep on hearing but have to go
through all the steps myself.


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