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my meaningless comment

From: 김태윤
Subject: my meaningless comment
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 12:05:00 +0900

I just notice why many people use emacs
this is not a question or tip
but I believe it's ok to write my meaningless comment on mailing list.
(if it is not, please let me know)
I recently notice that why many people use emacs.
it is because people make their own function, and spend many time with emacs.
and that strengthen attachment for emacs.
as like the little prince and the fox become friends,
people who use emacs become friend of 'one' copy of customized emacs
while they spend time, tame emacs, get to know about it.
I just realize that.
thanks for reading.

if help-gnu-emacs mailing list only accept question, I have a question too
=> is it ok to add my non-question to mailing list?

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