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RE: Re[2]: How to open dired bookmarks in the same window

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Re[2]: How to open dired bookmarks in the same window
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 10:19:36 -0700

> I installed bookmark+ and tried bmkp-dired-jump. But it still 
> opens the directory in a new buffer.

Of course it does.  `dired' always does that.  And `bmkp-dired-jump' invokes

Your request was that jumping to the bookmark open the dir in the same _window_.
Is that not what you see with `bmkp-dired-jump'?  It works for me.

If you want the opened Dired buffer to replace the _buffer_ that was current
when you asked to jump to the bookmark, then add a function that kills that
buffer to `bookmark-after-jump-hook'.

It's not clear what you want.

Be aware BTW that in Dired, even when you use `find-alternate-file' to visit a
subdir in the listing, that does not change how the command `dired' works.

For example, if you use Dired+ and you choose to reuse Dired buffers, so that
when you hit RET on a subdir name in Dired the new Dired buffer replaces the one
where you hit RET, that simply makes use of `find-alternate-file' - it does not
invoke command `dired'.

That Dired+ config choice does not change the behavior of command `dired'.  So
for example, if you use `C-x d some-dir', the Dired buffer for `some-dir' does
_not_ replace the buffer that was current when you did `C-x d'.

With that Dired+ config choice, RET in Dired does replace the current Dired
buffer with the one for the subdir you hit RET on - but that's not the same
thing as invoking `dired' on it.

Do you really want to kill the current buffer - whatever it might be - when you
jump to a Dired bookmark?  If so, then try doing what I suggested above: use

For example, try this command (with Bookmark+):

(defun foo (bookmark)
   (let ((alist  (bmkp-dired-alist-only)))
     (list (bookmark-get-bookmark
             "Dired" alist nil nil 'bmkp-dired-history)))))
  (let ((this-buf  (current-buffer)))
    (add-hook 'bookmark-after-jump-hook
              `(lambda () (kill-buffer ,this-buf)))
    (bmkp-jump-1 bookmark 'switch-to-buffer nil)
    (remove-hook 'bookmark-after-jump-hook
                 `(lambda () (kill-buffer ,this-buf)))))

HTH.  I expect that you have enough info now to come up with whatever it is you
really want.  If not, look in bookmark+-1.el (and perhaps dired+.el) for more

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