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How to specify path to .emacs.d

From: Barry OReilly
Subject: How to specify path to .emacs.d
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 16:37:51 -0400

I'd like to know how to specify at the command line which directory Emacs should use as the .emacs.d directory.  I see the --user flag, but it seems unnecessarily inflexible.

One use case I would like this for is so as I can run Emacs unintrusively on a colleague's computer.  --user flag doesn't serve the purpose for technical reasons and I currently symlink their ~/.emacs.d to my .emacs.d on a network share.  For my colleagues who also use Emacs, this creates an awkwardness whereby I backup their .emacs.d before creating my symlink, and then remember to restore it later when finished.

Another use case is that I'm getting my Emacs configuration to work on Windows, and I discovered that Windows shortcuts are apparently .lnk files and don't function like a symlink.  I'm unsure how to use a .emacs.d at an arbitrary location, and only know to copy it to home instead.  This is inconvenient because I want to use a .emacs.d straight out of a Mercurial repo located elsewhere.

Specifying a .emacs.d location as a command line flag would be a big help.

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