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Re: What's needed in .emacs on w32 build to send bug report thru the *ma

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: What's needed in .emacs on w32 build to send bug report thru the *mail-to- address@hidden* buffer
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:30:54 -0500
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> Ed,
> "B. T. Raven" <> writes:
>> I tried to sent bug report directly thru emacs ... menu>help>Send bug
>> report....  and saw this in *Messages* buffer:
>> ......
>> Sending...
>> Sending via mail...
>> open-network-stream: make client process failed: connection timed out,
>> :name, SMTP, :buffer, *trace of SMTP session to*, :host,
>>, :service, 25
>> ......
>> So I copy pasted the relevant stuff out of the Emacs mail buffer into
>> Thunderbird and sent it that way. What would I have to to my .emacs to
>> make the process work directly from Emacs.
> You'd need to have a working SMTP configuration for Emacs.  At a guess,
> this didn't work on this occasion because it was trying to use a (maybe
> unencrypted) connection to gmail at port 25 (the sendmail port), when
> gmail probably expects a TLS connection to port 587 (the mail submission
> port).  Have a look at (info "(smtpmail) Emacs Speaks SMTP"), (info
> "(smtpmail) Authentication"), and (info "(smtpmail) Encryption") which
> cover the builtin Emacs `smptmail' library.

Thanks, William. I will reread that info section before I try to mail
through Emacs again. I'm sure that the port assignment is at least part
of the problem. My Tbird client is using port 995 on
server for TLS and 465 for outgoing smtp. This is the relevant section
in .emacs:

(setq smtpmail-default-smtp-server "")
(setq smtpmail-local-domain "") ;; was nil ???
(setq send-mail-function 'smtpmail-send-it)
(setq smtpmail-smtp-service 465) ;;; port assigned in Tbird outgoing ;;;
server (smtp)
(load-library "smtpmail")

(setenv "MAILHOST" "")
;;; ^^ the above doesn't seem to change the w64 env as revealed by the
set command or in Control Panel > System

My isp uses gmail for spam filtering and my normal email is not a but one from my isp. If I wanted to point to port 995
instead of 25, where would that go in my .emacs?

> If you have a properly configured MTA on your system, Emacs can use that
> instead, e.g. with (setq message-send-mail-function 'sendmail-send-it).

I thought mta's were like postfix, exim, etc.

> The `message' library used to compose Emacs bug reports is the same as
> that used to compose messages in Gnus and other Emacs mail and news
> clients, so if you were able to get this working, you'd be a signifcant
> part of the way toward trying to do your mail from Emacs. :)

I tried to get gnus working quite a while ago but gave up due to the
steep learning curve. I still have this Gnu's relevant stuff in my
.emacs but unfortunately I don't understand it (especially where
load-library should be called):

(setq gnus-posting-styles
    (address "") ;; bogus address
    (name "B.T. Raven"))
    (address "")
    (name "Ed C.")) ) )

(setq user-full-name "Ed C.")
(setq user-mail-address "")

(setq rmail-primary-inbox-list
    '("") rmail-pop-password-required t)
(setq gnus-check-new-newsgroups nil)
(load-library "message")
(setq message-send-mail-function 'smtpmail-send-it)

Anyway, thanks again. I'll keep trying to get gnus working again (someday).


> Hope this helps,

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