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Re: `list-of' macro snippet [regarding Comprehensions]

From: Rivka Miller
Subject: Re: `list-of' macro snippet [regarding Comprehensions]
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 19:06:33 -0700 (PDT)
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This is not that hard.

You can take the defmacro  comp out of the defun.

It should not be hard
background info in

I spent a few hours poring over and fixed some of the variables and
backquotes and character codes.

The defmacro is now only nested in one function where it is needed.
Hope, someone can help get it to work and produce some kind of demo

(defun open-bracket (stream ch)

  (defmacro comp ((e &rest qs) l2)
    (if (null qs) `(cons ,e ,l2)        ; rule A
      (let ((q1 (car qs))
            (q (cdr qs)))
        (if (not(eq (cadr q1) '<-))  ; a generator?
            `(if ,q1 (comp (,e ,@q),l2) ,l2) ; rule B
          (let ((v (car q1))            ; rule C
                (l1 (third q1))
                (h (gentemp "H-"))
                (us (gentemp "US-"))
                (us1 (gentemp "US1-")))
            `(labels ((,h (,us)         ; corresponds to a letrec
                          (if (null ,us) ,l2
                            (let ((,v (car ,us))
                                  (,us1 (cdr ,us)))
                              (comp (,e ,@q) (,h ,us1))))))
               (,h ,l1)))))))

  (do ((l nil)
       (c (read stream t nil t)(read stream t nil t)))
      ((eq c '|]|) `(comp ,(reverse l) ()))
  (push c l))

(defun closing-bracket (stream ch) '|]|)

(eval-when (compile load eval)
  (set-macro-character #\[ #'open-bracket)
  (set-macro-character #\] #'closing-bracket))

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