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Re: Changing file end-of-line style

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: Changing file end-of-line style
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 18:38:31 +0530
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Suvayu Ali <> writes:

> Hi,
> I sometimes have to deal with files created on Windows or Mac OSX.  When
> using emacs with X windows, I can click on the `(Mac)' or `(MS-DOS)'
> marker on the bottom left corner of the frame to switch to whichever
> style I want at the moment.
> How do I do this when running emacs as `emacs -nw'?  I tried looking for
> end-of-line with apropos, but could not find anything that seemed
> relevant.  Any ideas?

>From (info "(emacs) Text and Binary")

|    To visit a file and specify whether it uses DOS-style or Unix-style
| end-of-line, specify a coding system (*note Text Coding::).  For
| example, `C-x <RET> c unix <RET> C-x C-f foobar.txt' visits the file
| `foobar.txt' without converting the EOLs; if some line ends with a
| carriage-return linefeed pair, Emacs will display `^M' at the end of
| that line.  Similarly, you can direct Emacs to save a buffer in a
| specified EOL format with the `C-x <RET> f' command.  For example, to
| save a buffer with Unix EOL format, type `C-x <RET> f unix <RET> C-x
| C-s'.  If you visit a file with DOS EOL conversion, then save it with
| Unix EOL format, that effectively converts the file to Unix EOL style,
| like `dos2unix'.

> Thanks,


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