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Debugging 'message-send , an unexpected void function error occured.

From: Yves Baumes
Subject: Debugging 'message-send , an unexpected void function error occured.
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 20:19:39 +0100
User-agent: Unison/2.1.9

Hi everyone,

I've put a breakpoint on the 'message-send function in message.el file.
When the execution flow hit the breakpoint at the start of the function,
then I hit 'c' in order to continue execution.
Then the execution stops in what is unexpected for me:
"Symbol's function definition is void: caddr".

Indeed, the 'caddr function is used in the body of the 'message-send function.
And indeed (describe-function 'caddr) results in an error for me.

In "normal" execution (i.e. no debuger involved) the interruption on 'caddr does not occur. Why is that ? If I manually define my own 'caddr function (in *scratch* for instance), the "instrumented" execution does not complain, of course. But I do not want to have to
provide a primitive function definition.

Does the same error occurs for you? What did I miss? Do I need to import an extra module somewhere before running the "instrumented" mode? Some initilisation that I miss?

Sorry if the question feels stupid. I'm quite new and experimenting stuff, to learn.


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