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org-mode for note taking

From: houkensjtu
Subject: org-mode for note taking
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 23:01:18 -0800 (PST)
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Hi emacser!
I have been using debian and emacs for about one year. After I get used to the 
command line and basic usage of linux system, I decided to learn more deeper in 
linux. During my study, I found it's hard for me to remember every technical 
detail about all the things I learned--I need to take notes.

Evernote is popular but it's not supported on linux(also it's proprietary). 

Until I found a youtube video talking about org-mode+github. In this way, 
basically one can write notes by org-mode, and push it to github, which is 
almost the same thing evernote does.

However I should say, taking note in org-mode is just not comfortable. I 
considered why it makes me uncomfortable and here is some of them:
1. I am not familiar with taking notes in plain text file. Usually plain text 
file means hard to navigate, hard to read, ugly structure, to me. Emacs could 
handle org file quite well, but WITHOUT emacs, on windows pc, on mobile device, 
plain txt is just disaster.
2. I don't know how organize all my contents when it become more and more. With 
a hand writing notebook, I have physical "pages", in Microsoft Word, I also 
have virtual "pages". In org-mode org file, I don't. It's like my org file is a 
endless roll of toilet paper(forgive me for being rude)! And I think it's the 
main reason makes me feels so uncomfortable to handle org file.
3. Hard to import pictures, web pages...into org file.(In fact I don't know 

Is there any tips or suggestion to overcome these uncomfortable feeling?
Thx in advance!

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