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Re: org-mode for note taking (houkensjtu)

From: Buchs, Kevin
Subject: Re: org-mode for note taking (houkensjtu)
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 11:41:33 -0600


You are getting a lot of help in the replies and I would encourage you
to keep at it and you will understand better. Here are some additional

1. As I understand it, gmane is the GNU web interface to GNU news groups
(email lists, I guess people call them today) like Google Groups in some
2. You can most certainly run emacs on Windows with Org Mode, I do it
every day and it works wonderfully.
3. One fundamental element of structure in org mode is headings. Simply
start a line with one or more asterisks followed by a blank and a title,
and you will have structure. You can open/close headings by typing TAB
while point is on them. Try for example:

* Page 1
** Heading 1 Page 1
** Heading 2 Page 2
* Page 2
Some text
* Page 3
Some more text

I have 22,250 lines in my main Org Mode file and it all collapses down
into about 15 lines when I close all the top level headings. Easy to
navigate. Easy to search. Much better than Word or Evernote, especially
with a long document.

You can also organize by files, if you wish. Some operations in Org Mode
are happy to span a list of files that you explicitly specify.

4. You can Publish your Org Mode document to other formats, such as PDF,
Latex, Open Document (ODT), HTML. If you need to access the information
from a computer where you don't have emacs accessible (or tablet/no
keyboard) you could have one of these other formats in your github.
Images will be inserted into these published formats.
5. As was suggested for emacs gnus, you can read the online manual on
emacs in general and also on org mode for much more information. Access
the latter via: M-x org-info.

Keep asking questions here when you get stuck. It will be helpful if you
do your reading/research first. Some people on this list are very busy
and will be less receptive to helping you if you have not done so.

Kevin Buchs | Senior Engineer | SPPDG | 507-538-5459 |
Mayo Clinic | 200 First Street SW | Rochester, MN 55905 | 

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