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How to get the function by the keymap?

From: Adam Jiang
Subject: How to get the function by the keymap?
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 01:09:02 +0900


I am working on a minor mode in which I want to remap [backspace] key to different functions in different situation. The lisp code looks like

(defun smart-operator-backspace ()
  (cond ((looking-back "hello"))
        (replace-regexp-in-string ".*hello" "" (match-string 1))))
        (delete-char 1))))

However, (delete-char) never works for me. The reason is another minor mode remapped the backspace key to function 'autopair-backspace'. Then, I realized that I need a method to fetch the function by given keymap and get it called rather thant have hardcoded deletion executed.

How can I do that with elisp code?


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