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Make *Completions* buffer current

From: Miguel Guedes
Subject: Make *Completions* buffer current
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 12:11:08 +0000
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Is it possible to setup a hook such that whenever the *Completions* window is shown it is automatically made the current buffer? Whereas most packages part of Emacs seem to display this sort of behaviour - i.e. show *Completions* then make it current - some packages, such as Semantic, don't.

For instance, invoking semantic-ia-complete-symbol results in the *Completions* window being open but the window focus not changed. It's an annoyance having the *Completions* buffer open after one has the information required, in place of the buffer it replaced and not having the option to hit q to close it (and restore the previous window layout) - unless you first switch to it, then C-x k it, which becomes very time consuming after a while and boring.

I've tried hooking to temp-buffer-show-hook but that didn't work as the *Completions* buffer is current when the hook is run anyway.

Would very much appreciate it if someone knows of an elegant way of enforcing the behaviour desired above!


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