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Re: OT: Allowing PAM auth and reverting authorized_keys?! (Was: SSH bloc

From: Roel Sergeant
Subject: Re: OT: Allowing PAM auth and reverting authorized_keys?! (Was: SSH blocks account when running within emacs)
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 13:26:04 +0100

On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 1:08 PM, Jeremiah Dodds <> wrote:
Roel Sergeant <> writes:
>     Is it asking you for a password? Is it asking you for a passphrase?
>     Is it using a SSH_ASKPASS defined service? Are you using an ssh rsa
>     key? Why not? I think it most likely that you are running into
>     problems during these phases.
> I use user/password authentication, but it doesn't ask for a password when
> within emacs, but it does so in a normal shell.
> I tried setting it up with an rsa key, but it seems a cron job is running that
> removes authorized_keys from user profiles (or they are copying profiles
> because they have multiple servers. I have to dig deeper into that after
> this issue is fixed).

I certainly hope not. Allowing PAM auth and disallowing authorized_keys,
particularly reverting authorized_keys would raise "I don't want to be
dealing with this host/these people" red flags for me.

Assuming it's not a permissions issue, I'd be asking whoever would be
relevant about the behaviour to make sure it's intentional.

If it *is* intentional, it seems pretty wrong-headed.

Thanks! Already send out the email to them to ask why... But since it happened 3 times
I assumed it was intentional, but that was before I knew anything about ssh, 
except how to start a session... At least I learned a few new things this week.
Kind regards,

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