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ipython notebook + virtualenv works?

From: ishi soichi
Subject: ipython notebook + virtualenv works?
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 17:52:16 +0900

Python 2.7.3
ipython 0.13.1

I am not sure if I should ask this question in this mailing list, but I'll give a shot.

Currently I am trying to set up python computing environment, which consists of ipython, numpy, and others.
There is an emacs interface for ipython, ipython-notebook mode, which looks cool.

I have followed the instruction in the homepage

My question is 
What does the buffer look like when you did the following
  1. Start IPython notebook server.
  2. Hit M-x ein:notebooklist-open to open notebook list. This will open notebook list buffer.
  3. In the notebook list buffer, you can open notebooks by hitting [Open] buttons. See notebook section for what you can do in the notebook buffer.
mine looks blank and if I try to type something, it says, "Text is read-only" in the minibuffer.

I have started ipython notebook server in virtualenv (actually all necessary components are in the virtualenv), 
Is that the problem?


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