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Re: Copy/iSearch/Occur on folded outline view?

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: Copy/iSearch/Occur on folded outline view?
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2013 22:00:50 +0100
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Thorsten Jolitz <> writes:

> sometimes I would like to copy parts of a (partly) folded outline view,
> or do some searching (isearch, occur) only on the visible headlines. Is
> there a way to make these commands act only on the visible parts of the
> folded buffer?

For isearch, you have `search-invisible':

| Its value is open
| Documentation:
| If t incremental search can match hidden text.
| A nil value means don't match invisible text.
| When the value is `open', if the text matched is made invisible by
| an overlay having an `invisible' property and that overlay has a property
| `isearch-open-invisible', then incremental search will show the contents.
| (This applies when using `outline.el' and `hideshow.el'.)
| See also `reveal-mode' if you want overlays to automatically be opened
| whenever point is in one of them.



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