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RE: Need advice for naming practice for namespaces in Elisp.

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Need advice for naming practice for namespaces in Elisp.
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 22:42:07 -0800

> I read very small amount of elisp code and found practice to 
> put '->' in the name of elisp var/func:
> Also I search for dot in names:
> and for colon:
> Seems that official sources don't often use special marker to 
> separate package name and command and some times uses '->',
> ':' and '.'
> I want to choose good marker for package to simplify reading 
> my code and make it more syntactically structured.  I am
> feeling good with dot:
> but would be glad to hear any suggestion and coding 
> practices...

I say use whatever you like.

The Elisp manual suggests using a hyphen (`-').  See (elisp) `Coding

|* You should choose a short word to distinguish your program from
|  other Lisp programs.  The names of all global variables,
|  constants, and functions in your program should begin with that
|  chosen prefix.  Separate the prefix from the rest of the name with
|  a hyphen, `-'.  This practice helps avoid name conflicts, since
|  all global variables in Emacs Lisp share the same name space, and
|  all functions share another name space(1).
|  Occasionally, for a command name intended for users to use, it is
|  more convenient if some words come before the package's name
|  prefix.  And constructs that define functions, variables, etc.,
|  work better if they start with `defun' or `defvar', so put the
|  name prefix later on in the name.
|  This recommendation applies even to names for traditional Lisp
|  primitives that are not primitives in Emacs Lisp--such as
|  `copy-list'.  Believe it or not, there is more than one plausible
|  way to define `copy-list'.  Play it safe; append your name prefix
|  to produce a name like `foo-copy-list' or `mylib-copy-list'
|  instead.
|  If you write a function that you think ought to be added to Emacs
|  under a certain name, such as `twiddle-files', don't call it by
|  that name in your program.  Call it `mylib-twiddle-files' in your
|  program, and send mail to `' suggesting we add
|  it to Emacs.  If and when we do, we can change the name easily
|  enough.
|  If one prefix is insufficient, your package can use two or three
|  alternative common prefixes, so long as they make sense.

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