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How to get the script name symbols of a specific character?

From: YE Qianchuan
Subject: How to get the script name symbols of a specific character?
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 23:59:56 +0800
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Hi, all.

According to the document of `set-fontset-font', its argument TARGET can
be a charset or a script name symbol.  But I failed to find any
documents about script name symbols. What I found that seem relevant
are variables `charset-script-alist', `script-representative-chars'
and `char-script-table'.  However none of them tells me the details of
those scripts, I can only guess by their names.

My case is, for example, a set of unicode characters are displayed as
hex boxes. I want to assign a proper font to display them. Specifying
TARGET to unicode is not a good idea IMHO. I'd better find their
script name symbol as TARGET, like `Han' for CJK characters.

In practice, by calling `describe-char', I get which charset is
corresponding to this character. So I can specify it to modify its
font.  However, I can't find a method to get a character's script name

How can I achieve this? Do I miss something?
Thanks for your help.

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