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About NO-REMAP in `where-is-internal'

From: Andreas Politz
Subject: About NO-REMAP in `where-is-internal'
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 05:38:08 +0100

> In (info "(elisp) Scanning Keymaps"):
>  -- Function: where-is-internal command &optional keymap firstonly
>           noindirect no-remap
> [...]
>      The fifth argument, NO-REMAP[...]

>     If a command OTHER-COMMAND is remapped to COMMAND: [...]

>     If COMMAND is remapped to OTHER-COMMAND: [...]

> I'm confused about the COMMAND and the OTHER-COMMAND.  What's the
> differences of them?

Assume there is some binding

(define-key keymap [remap OTHER-COMMAND] 'COMMAND) .

The text describes the different behaviour, in case of

(where-is-internal 'OTHER-COMMAND keymap nil nil no-remap) or
(where-is-internal 'COMMAND keymap nil nil no-remap) .


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