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RE: What is keyboard-local?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: What is keyboard-local?
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 09:27:03 -0800

> Actually, there are no real "terminal-local" variables, since
> all those are in reality keyboard-local.
> Emacs's "terminals" are visible in Elisp (e.g. `frame-terminal'
> returns the "terminal" from where a particular frame comes).
> OTOH Emacs's "keyboards" are not directly visible.  A "keyboard"
> belongs to a particular terminal, but terminals can have several
> "keyboards", although in practice 99.99% of the terminals have
> only 1 keyboard.
> IIRC the only cases where you can have several keyboards for a given
> terminal, is when you have an X11 server (e.g. "foo:0") with various
> "X11 screens" (i.e. you have foo:0.0 and foo:0.1) in which case each
> X11 screen gets a corresponding Emacs "keyboard", whereas they 
> all share the same Emacs "terminal".
> I'm pretty sure this subtlety is not handled correctly everywhere in
> Emacs (IOW we have bugs in there).  We should probably get rid of
> this distinction.

While waiting for such a code fix, at least, please consider updating the doc
with info such as you just provided here, unless you feel it is already there

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