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Re: search across linebreaks

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: search across linebreaks
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 14:09:13 +0800
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Jambunathan K <> writes:

> Eric
> Your use-case - I understand it in only a fragmented way, from various
> posts on Orgmode list - is quite unique.  You are a professional(?)
> translator between Chinese and English.

Yup, translation mixed with various publishing-related things.

> I would recommend, that you talk about or document your use cases as a
> bilingual(?) translator, in a publicly accessible place - say Emacswiki.
> I think you should gather or share with all the various little snippets
> that your .emacs is filled with as you go about your translation work.

Oh I'll definitely post anything I get working properly -- I'm not shy!
Just hampered by the fact that programming is a hobby only, and my elisp
skills are barely passing from "beginner" into "intermediate".

The two larger things I'm working on are work-related. One is a
translation environment built on top of Orgmode, that stores
translations in a TMX XML format, and provides a limited follow mode and
automatic translation. My question in this thread isn't about that,
exactly, but I'm hoping to learn some useful lessons from it. I wouldn't
be surprised if I'm the only one who ever uses this package.

The other is a major mode for creating and editing Epub ebooks. There
aren't many good free Epub tools out there, and I think emacs could be a
great environment for that.

Both of these will take me a very long time! Both, incidentally, are
currently bogged down in emacs' limited XML parsing/manipulation
abilities. But I'll definitely post something on the wiki once I have
some bits and pieces that work. I see my wiki profile is out of date,
maybe I'll start with that.

> Since you are a regular in Orgmode list, I am not sure how you will
> treat a suggestion from me.  I am reputation is plain questionable.
> That said, do consider my suggestion, FWIW.

Of course! It's a good suggestion, and you've been very helpful to me on
several occasions in the past. It seems that, thankfully, the curtain is
now drawn on the orgmode drama.


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