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Re: Best practices for launching Emacs on Windows 7/8

From: Jérôme M. Berger
Subject: Re: Best practices for launching Emacs on Windows 7/8
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 19:44:02 +0100
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Ludwig, Mark wrote:
> What are the best practices for using/launching Emacs as Server
> on Windows 7/8?
> For example, on Windows Vista, I used to be able to make a file
> association with .TXT files that invoked emacsclient with the
> --alternate-editor=runemacs option so that if Emacs wasn't
> running, it would be launched.
> In Windows 7 and 8, the GUI simply does not allow any options.  I
> am not sure if I could hack the registry directly to stuff the
> options in there, but since the GUI no longer supports it, I fear
> the underlying support might not be there either.  I have
> considered trying to associate .TXT with something like a
> Emacs.BAT/Emacs.CMD file that could invoke emacsclient with
> options, but this has its own problems, and seems like a bad idea
> for ultimately launching a "windows mode" program Emacs.exe
> (which is not a "command line mode" program).
> I am wondering what others do.
> Perhaps I'm expecting too much automation, for example, the idea
> that if Emacs Server isn't already running, it gets launched
> seamlessly?
        I use emacsclient with the --alternate-editor=runemacs option in
Windows 7. Can't remember for sure how I set it up (I'm at home on
Linux right now), but I'm sure I did it from the GUI without any
fancy registry editing or stuff. IIRC you need to first create the
shortcut without specifying command line options, then go to the
shortcut properties (with A-RET or the context menu) where you
should find a field to add the options (can't remember whether there
is a specific field or whether you can add the options directly
after the executable name).


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