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How to set "From" field based on replied message in Emacs RMAIL using Me

From: Guilherme Gondim
Subject: How to set "From" field based on replied message in Emacs RMAIL using Message package?
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 17:34:29 -0300
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Hi there,

I'm trying prepare RMAIL and Emacs to support multiple e-mail
accounts. I already have a solution to use different SMTP servers based
on the *From* field of a e-mail (based on info in EmacsWiki[1]), but I
currently have to set the From field manually.

What I want is to set the From field automatically when replying to
someone in RMAIL (i.e. when replying a e-mail delivered to, set From in "compose message buffer" to I use the Message package as
mail-user-agent. Gnus have a similar feature called

What I need, exactly, is something like below:

  1. When press `r` or `M-x rmail-reply` on RMAIL summary, look for or in the fields `To`, `Cc`,
  `Envelope-To`, `X-Origintal-To` or `Delivered-To` of a replied message
  and store the first one found in some variable;

  2. Already on Message buffer to compose the e-mail, automatically set
  the From field to the previously stored value.

There is a way to perform 1?

Thank you!


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