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RE: font-lock-mode not set in *info* buffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: font-lock-mode not set in *info* buffer
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 11:47:42 -0800

> I've reorganized my init files and for some reason lost 
> fontification in
> *info* buffers :
> I have (global-font-lock-mode) in my .emacs. When i open the 
> info buffer
> (C-h i), the variable global-font-lock-mode is true, the variable
> font-lock-global-modes is also true but font-lock-mode is nil. M-x
> font-lock-mode does fontify it though.
> What am I missing ?

Sounds like you are using a recent development (trunk) build of GNU Emacs.
(Always specify what you use.)

Emacs Dev recently broke font-lock in several ways.  They fixed some of the
damage, including, probably, what you report.  Try updating your build - see if
that doesn't fix this particular problem.

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