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Emacs trying to read .dir-locals.el that doesn't exist

From: Doug Lewan
Subject: Emacs trying to read .dir-locals.el that doesn't exist
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 18:16:55 +0000


When I want to read a file from an NFS-mounted file system I get the following 
    Error reading dir-locals: (file-error "Opening input file" "not a 
directory" "/cygdrive/q/.../")
In this case, the file I wanted was

I'd prefer not to get that error. Any ideas?

Here's what I have found. This is most likely from 
(ange-ftp-barf-if-not-directory) and it is called from 3 places: 
(ange-ftp-directory-files), (ange-ftp-filename-all-completions) and 
(ange-ftp-filename-completion). I can imagine any of those 3 being invoked 
under M-x find-file, but haven't found the connection yet. (And, I would think, 
an NFS mounted file system is still just a file system. It's not obvious that 
ange-ftp has to get involved.)

    GNU emacs 24.3
    CYGWIN 64 bit on Windows 8 (updated weekly)
    NFS: OpenText NFS client 16, 64 bit

Douglas Lewan
Shubert Ticketing
(201) 489-8600 ext 224

These are my principles and if you don't like them... well, I have others. - 
Groucho Marx

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