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customize themed face

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: customize themed face
Date: 3 Nov 2013 12:20:11 GMT
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I'm trying to customize the face `bm-face` (from the bm.el package from
<>), but somehow I can't get rid of the
fore- and background colors. I'm using the anti-zenburn-theme, which
somehow seems to have something to do with the problem.

If I run `emacs -Q` and then load the file bm.el, I can use Customize to
unset the colors and add an underline. If I load anti-zenburn-theme.el,
the colors are set to those specified in the theme and they stay that
way, even if I uncheck them in the Customize buffer.

Only doing 

(set-face-attribute 'bm-face nil :underline t :foreground nil :background nil)

works, i.e., explicitly setting fore- and background to nil.

Is this expected behaviour for themed faces? Or should I report this as
a bug?

Emacs is 24.3, BTW.

Joost Kremers                                   address@hidden
Selbst in die Unterwelt dringt durch Spalten Licht

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